About this place

Aït Ben Haddou, located in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It boasts a well-preserved kasbah, showcasing traditional Moroccan architecture. Positioned along the historic caravan route between the Sahara Desert and Marrakech, it has historical significance as a trading post.

The kasbah is a complex of earthen buildings surrounded by protective walls. Its architecture combines Berber and Saharan styles, characterized by mud-brick structures. Aït Ben Haddou has a centuries-old history, once serving as a stronghold for Berber chieftains and playing a vital role in the region's defense.

Today, it houses a small Berber community and relies on tourism. The village's economy centers on visitors exploring its historic kasbah, craft shops, and panoramic views from the hilltop. Aït Ben Haddou's cinematic appearances in films like "Lawrence of Arabia" and "Game of Thrones" have added to its global recognition.